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Full Grain

Full grain is produced from the highest quality hides. Made from the . It is the only leather that retains the outer layer of the hide. The strongest layer since it is the one that must stand up to the elements. The most expensive since hides contain no nicks or blemishes. Develops a patina with use.

Is considered the highest quality because of it’s long wear; and the unique grain ensures that every piece of leather is unique. Full grain does not have the original skin sanded off.

Top Grain

Produced from lower quality hides where the top layer is shaved away to remove any imperfections. A new, embossed grain is then stamped on, which can be used to either mimic a natural grain or provide an even pattern. second highest quality it has a “split” layer separated away and therefore is thinner grain is not genuine; its surface has been sanded and a finish coat added.


Corrected Grain


Suede. "Split" away from the hide