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Protecting Your Leather Goods

Use leather protector either before leather becomes soaked or wet or after cleaning to prevent color staining and reduce wear and tear.

When leather is exposed to water from heavy rains or puddles it can remove the conditioning oils. The result is spotting, stiffening, and cracking. Protectors create a moisture barrier to help repel the water and prevent this.

These products are either based on animal fats or silicone oils.

In general, avoid the silicone based products, which are often sprayed on and form a moisture barrier on top of the leather, can dissolve the natural oils, make the leather sticky and attract dust. Products made from animal fat such as lanolin or mink oil are rubbed in to the leather and create a barrel by filling in the pores. For leather that is exposed to water or snow for extended periods, you may want to turn to a product such as Obenauf’s LP, but note that it may also darken the leather.

In most cases, you may want to skip these products, since leather is naturally water resistant, and turn to conditioners.