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The attributes of a piece of leather are largely dependent on the animal that it is derived from. The appearance, durability, softness, and strength of a piece of leather are dependent on the animal from which it is derived. The type of leather used in a product is dictated by it's ultimate function. A football is made of pig leather due to it's durab


Cow hide is generally what people think of when they hear the word "Leather". It's a versatile leather used to for upholstery, garments, bags, shoes, and more and covers a wide variety of types and finishes, which you can read more about in the Quality and Processing sections. Cow leather is thick and durable, with great resistance to dirt and water, but a can take some time to soften and break in as a result.

While cow leather in general is relatively affordable due to a large supply, high quality hides can sell for a significantly higher premium due to factors like a more uniform grain, softer hand, and larger area of unblemished hide, which requires less processing.


Generally thinner than cow. Goat works well for smaller products that will not get heavy wear.


Pig hide creates a thin but durable leather. It is largely used as a liner for other leather goods, but can also be found as the primary material in leather jackets and in more delicate garments like shirts and gloves.

You may notice that the surface of pig leather  has a soft, textured surface, which narrows the number of uses pig skin is appropriate for.

Fun fact: while called a "pigskin", a football is actually made out of cow leather.


These include reptiles such as crocodiles, alligators, and snakes; birds such as ostrich; and marsupials such as kangaroos. Some, such as ostrich are very durable, others are more prized for the grain of the skin. The larger the skin the more expensive due to the difficulty of finding skins that are unmarked. Larger and older skins have a higher probability of being marred from accidents and fights.