You don't have to pay a premium price for all of the premium features you would expect in a leather bag.
We're committed to providing you with great qaulty 

We only use high-quality full grain leather, which means that while other leathers begin to wear out and fade, yours will break in and 

Full Grain Leather

Made out of the highest quality cowhides, Full Grain Leather is the most durable type of leather.

Unlike inferior leathers, where the top layer is shaved off to hide imperfections and fake grain printed on, it is the only kind of leather that maintains the subtle grain of the hide and develops a rich Patina with wear.

Condition it regularly to prevent cracking and it is sure to look great for years to come.


Superior Construction

Our bags have all of the premium features you would expect in a luxury bag. 

Brushed Chrome Hardware  resist corrosion better than other metals so it will last just as long as the leather
Rolled Leather Handles feel more natural than flat handles due to their heft and require a high level of craftsmanship
Painted Edges seal any unfinished leather sides and give the bag a more finished look
Polyester Lining has superior water and stain resistance along with greater durability than other fabrics

Functional Interior

BR-001 (6).jpg

We've taken a classic design and slimmed it down to reflect what you actually carry.

Our briefcase has a lightly padded Laptop Partition for your tablet, laptop, ultrabook (up to 14")

Phone, Wallet and Pen Sleeves to give you easy access to the things you need while reducing the load on your pockets. Who likes stuffing things in their pants anyways?

A large Zippered Pocket for eveything


Cow Leather can be divided into three categories: full grain, top grain, and splits. The difference between them is their outermost layer

Full grain leather is the only kind that contains the outmost layer of the cowhide. Just like your skin, the outmost layer what must protect us from the elements. Full grain leather is the only one that will develop a patina over time

Top grain leather has had the surface of the hide sanded away. This is done to buff out imperfections in the hide and give it a more even finish. Since the outmost layer is removed, a "new" grain is stamped on and a protective coating is applied to make it more durable. 

Splits are