High Quality Materials

Our leather is sourced from the highest quality cowhides. We only use full grain leather in our bags since not only is it the strongest, it is also the only one that will develop a rich patina with wear. And we make sure our bags to last so that patina has plenty of time to develop. 

While a natural grain provides texture and visual interest, the best way to see the leather's quality is to touch it.  Feel for yourself by ordering a bag today and receive free US shipping along with 60 day no hassle returns. 

BR-001 (10).JPG

Expert Construction


Our bags need the hardware and the construction to match the long wearing durability of our leather. As a result, we use corrosion resistant brushed metal, which is especially useful on things like feet on the bottom of our Weekender. The matte finish adds a clean, understated look that keeps the leather front and center.


The primary point of contact we have with any bag is the handles. As a result, we feature rolled leather handles on all of our bags, which feel more natural than standard flat handles due to their heft, but require a high degree of craftsmanship to make.

Painted Edges

Overlooking no detail we used edge paint, a labor intensive process to apply and found only in premium bags, on all exposed edges. Doing so not only protects unfinished edges from the elements, but gives our bags a sleek, finished look.

Understated Design

Simple design, clean lines, and premium details are the trademarks of Benchmark Bags.

Our bags balance style and functionality so they are appropriate wherever you carry them. We extensively research the sizing of each design to make sure it's big enough to hold everything you need, but keeps a slim profile and is easy to carry

The interior of every bag is lined in stain and water resistant fabric to make make your bag easy to maintain. You will also find things zippered pockets in the Weekender and Briefcase to help keep you organized and give you easy access to whatever you put inside.